The Art of the Pizza

pizza margherita


In ancient times people ate a lot of flat breads. Around the 16th century in Naples people added the remarked tomato on top of the bread and hence the pizza was born. In the 18th century Queen Margherita saw the poor mans dish in a visit through Italy and it was love at first bite. So she asked her Italian chef to make her new favourite dish. The chef chose the colours of the Italian flag for his queen's Pizza by using tomatoes, mozzarella and basilica (red, white, green). Today the pizza Margherita is well known all over the world.


pizza kneading All our pizzas are handmade according to an ancient Neapolitan tradition. We use the finest Italian wheat flower for the dough. All ingredients are fresh and of high quality. The dough balls (needing to rest and rise) and the cleaned and cut toppings are prepared at our home. On the spot the dough is kneaded by hand to a pizza and topped. You and your guests can watch the making of it.

The pizza is then baked in a wood oven at about 400-450 degrees for a period of 60-90 seconds. We don’t use any animal fat and so our pizzas are light, nutritious and healthy.