Our Concept

food truck

Party = Pizza time

A communion, Spring Party, Wedding, Birthday…
Whatever the occasion, with our Ape Piaggio we can come to your preferred location.

Principles for a Pizza Party:

We only bring fresh dough and ingredients, so we have to limit the assortment on location. You can select up to 4 types of pizzas/panuozzi from our menu. Each pizza is sliced into pieces. Guests can collect a slice as long as slices are available.

We will arrive about 1h in advance to prepare the oven. Cutlery is not needed. A pizza is eaten traditionally with your hands. Napkins will be available.


Electricity has to be provided by the customer, but our main source of energy for the oven is our own wood. So we will hardly use more than 300 Watt.

We ask for a transport fee of 0,50 euro per km. We use Google Maps (shortest distance) from our address (Deurne), to your location.

We also want to help you to make your party a success, so any fine tuning is possible. All you have to do is ask.

To book a party we ask for a 50% in advance to reserve your time slot in our agenda. The remainder is arranged the day of the party. This is possible in cash or with card.

Party per Pizza:

We will come to you for a minimum amount of 350 euro (exclusive VAT). You can make a selection from the list below:
  • pizza/panuozzo: 13,50 euro
  • kids pizza/panuozzo: 8 euro (till 12 years)
  • dessert: 5,50 euro
  • starter: 7,50 euro
This way you can compose your party at your own wish.

Party all you can eat:

In this formula, we bake pizza's for the pre-agreed number of hours.
  • adult: 15 euro
  • child: 9,50 euro (till 12 years)

Kids Party:

If many children are present at the party. Then we will be happy to make it for them a unique and fun experience as well.